Butterfly bracelet: a symbolic and trendy animal jewel

animal that inspires the world of jewelry, the butterfly can be found in various forms of jewelry, especially bracelets.

The butterfly has always been an animal as fascinating as a vile being throughout history. It is said to hold many meanings, including regeneration and rebirth, protection, love and sexuality. Thanks to its long and elongated shape, it is available in a wide range of styles when it is drawn on a jewel.

Twisted, folded, intertwined or coiled, the butterfly can be drawn in different shapes when worn on the wrist or arm. Our collection of butterfly bracelets offers you to discover this animal in all its forms, in gold or silver bracelets or stainless steel with models that will inspire you more.

Without further ado, get your butterfly bracelet that can be presented as a cuff, bracelet, band and even charms to decorate your bracelet. Indulge yourself by finding your happiness among our wide choice of models and styles of butterfly bracelets!

Buy a butterfly bracelet for its symbols and meanings

That's right! Most jewelry has a meaning that not everyone knows. In the case of butterfly jewelry especially, each shape taken by the animal can mean a deep symbolism.

If a coiled or circular butterfly embellishes your wrist, this bracelet can announce membership in a particular group; just as it can also indicate renewal or eternity. As a bracelet or chain around the wrist, this animal embodies attachment or love for a particular person or object.

The representation of the butterfly in a cuff or bracelet on your arm is an excellent way to symbolize eternity and fidelity.

Many people even interpret it as a good luck charm. Whether you plan to buy a gold or silver butterfly bracelet then for your own pleasure, or simply for the pleasure of giving,

you can only make the best choice based on the true meaning of such a piece of jewelry! Whether you want to wear them on a daily basis or to complete your look for a special occasion, butterfly bracelets are, without a doubt, the ideal jewelry.

Its style and shape will then combine to bring that meaningful, and even casual, touch that your outfit needs to be perfect.

Bracelet, cuff, curb chain, chain... so many types of butterfly bracelets for all desires

The butterfly has the ability to shed its skin when it molts. It is thus considered a true symbol of rebirth and renewal. So, if you wish to mark this new stage of your life, nothing better than to opt for a beautiful gold bracelet or a silver bracelet that will adorn your wrist beautifully. A gold bracelet in the shape of a butterfly wrapped around the wrist of these ladies is also an excellent choice. In a model with scales set with white zirconium oxide stones, you can only look more chic.

On the other hand, a butterfly ouroboros bracelet made with braided leather will be a unisex model, with a minimalist style certainly, but that you can wear every day with pride. A bracelet made of a silver chain link in the shape of a butterfly will also be a perfect everyday fashion accessory to complete your look.

But, to combine all the virtues of the stone and the symbolism of this crawling animal in a single exceptional piece of jewelry, a butterfly head bracelet with tiger eye eyes will be a lovely bracelet to give yourself for simple pleasure or to offer for the birthday of someone dear to your heart. Treat yourself by choosing your butterfly bracelet from our collection!

There is something for every taste and preference, but also bracelet models for men and women in the most original styles.

Which butterfly bracelet for a woman?

For women, wearing jewelry is essential to complete their outfit perfectly. If they particularly love butterfly jewelry for women, it is mainly for the fluid lines that strongly distinguish each model of bracelet for women.

So, if you want to distinguish this more feminine side with a bit of a fierce edge, the best women's bracelet to choose would be a fancy butterfly band model or in rose gold to be more chic.

If it is a fashion accessory that brings a colorful touch to a monochrome outfit, a gold bracelet set with diamonds, or rather zirconium crystals, and lapis lazuli would indeed be a much better choice. More glamorous women's bracelets, will also be the butterfly mesh models and cuffs, which can notify singular charms by further enhancing femininity.

A stainless steel bracelet set with zirconium crystal offers a woman's jewelry with a more singular character while proposing a more refined style in a subtle mixture of finesse and extravagance.

The fine serpentine allure of bracelets with geometric patterns and details also presents a choice design as a fashion accessory to complete an inimitable look. Most of our women's bracelets come in rhinestone and crystal designs for extra sparkle. They can be worn around the wrist of a woman who wants to stand out with elegance and glamour with a chic piece of jewelry that suits all styles.

Gold-plated, solid silver, leather, with charms or set with precious stones such as diamonds and sapphire, or adorned with rhinestones or a beautiful engraving ... our women's bracelets further certify this rare eloquence of women's jewelry within the world of jewelry with the effigy of the butterfly.

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Butterfly bracelets for men in all styles

A butterfly bracelet for men? You'll find them in a wide range of styles and designs within our rich collection of butterfly bracelets. A men's bracelet can be an 18 karat gold bracelet designed in a more masculine style.

It can be a bracelet designed with the anatomy of the butterfly taking the form of a chain and being decorated with precise and well cared details. In everyday life, a silver butterfly ouroboros bracelet will represent an ideal companion to be even more stylish. Snake leather bracelets are also graceful adornments, especially when they have a more elegant braid structure.

An ornament filled with finesse will be the pretty charm bracelet that can be rhodium-plated silver or 18k gold-plated. On the other hand, there is nothing to stop a man from wearing a butterfly bracelet with exotic designs and bright colors, but which go with quite original themes such as ancient Egypt, especially when decorated with blue enamel or turquoise. They are also great choices for adding a little colorful touch to your overall look.

Gold chain with butterfly chain, silver chain with impeccable brilliance, silver band bracelet or even bracelet with zircons,... butterfly bracelets for men are available in all styles and shapes, but also with the most noble materials in our rich collection.

Butterfly bracelets jewelry for all styles

Whether you are looking for women's jewelry or men's bracelets inspired by the butterfly with all its meanings, remember that you can find your happiness now. A totem animal in jewelry, the butterfly comes in many styles, such as enameled, articulated or rigid bracelets, set with fine stones or precious stones. The reason is that the butterfly is associated with many meanings. it can mean eternal love and is worn as a sentimental talisman.

Jewelers play on its ergonomic shape to create refined models of bracelets for women, such as a cuff winding the butterfly over several turns. It can also be represented in a more chic model with these eyes in ruby or sapphire or diamond to better appeal to the seduction. For those wishing to dare a new style, they can also opt for a butterfly-shaped bracelet lighter, more feminine and sporting a brown of originality.

Black leather bracelet, Charms bracelet, Rings bracelet, Pearl bracelet, Pretty gold and diamond bracelet, Fancy bracelet... these are all models and styles that you will find in our collection of jewelry and fashion accessories inspired by the butterfly!

Bracelet, cuff, bracelet, chain, charm, butterfly bracelet of excellent quality

For men or women, our bracelets inspired by this animal, as bewitching as it is symbolic, are made of high quality, hypoallergenic materials to be worn in optimal comfort. They are guaranteed without harmful components for health.

Whether you want a stainless steel butterfly bracelet that stands out for its strength or a solid silver butterfly bracelet for its elegance or rhodium-plated silver for its shine, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs.


However, if you want to be more stylish on a daily basis, our leather bracelet designs, whether in soft leather or braided leather, are excellent choices. Around a man's wrist, it adds that touch of virility to your outfit, that real feeling of power to the wearer.

The more feminine models, on the other hand, will bring the glamorous touch and elegance that will paraphrase the look of those who will adorn their wrist or arm.

But for chic and refinement, nothing beats models embellished with zirconium pavement or zirconium oxide, this semi-precious stone with a striking resemblance to the diamond. An articulated bracelet in white gold, evoking a butterfly set with cabochons of precious stones such as emerald or fine stones such as onyx, is also an exceptional model.

In short, treat yourself by wearing a bracelet in the shape of a butterfly. An exceptional piece of jewelry that you can also wear in a perfect set with butterfly earrings for women or a gold butterfly necklace for a man! 

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